Interview with: Meredith Gaston @meredithgaston

We were in awe of Meredith Gaston's illustrations and fell more in love with her when she shared with us her thoughts on the art of Wellbeing. 


We asked Meredith :

In short – what is your elevator pitch for how you became an author/artist?

I have always drawn and painted, kept journals, written poetry and penned stories. Doodling on a napkin at a cafe in Newtown, Sydney, I was signed for an exhibition at age twenty and have since lived off my art. At the time I was studying at the University of Sydney, majoring in Art History and Theory and Gender an Cultural Studies. It has always been my passion to marry thoughtful words with beautiful pictures. Illustrating my first book with dear friend Monica Trapaga around the same time, I was shortly after signed with Lantern, Penguin Books, with whom I began my continuing adventures into the world of books. My eighth book is being published on the first of November, with foreign language edition of my various titles available worldwide. I continue to live for art, words and wellbeing. 

What inspires, motivates & excites you?

I am inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the vulnerability, strength and splendour of human nature. I am motivated by peace and joy, and a passion for cultivating personal and collective wellbeing. I am excited by the possibility of creating heaven on earth through mindful living, and the potential for each one of us to awaken to greater love and joy. 



Can you explain the essence of the ‘Art of Wellbeing’ ?

The Art of Wellbeing is a way of life built upon a personal foundation of loving self-care. Our health is our first wealth. With vitality we may bring optimism, enthusiasm and positive energy to ourselves, each other and our living earth. The art of wellbeing involves caring about our thoughts and self-talk, the words we speak and actions we take, the nourishment we ingest and the gentleness with which we tread. Ensuring that we enjoy adequate and peaceful sleep, eat real, plant-powered, nutrient dense food, partake in joyous movement and savour time to nurture rich inner lives allow us to experience the joy of wellbeing in daily life. 

What does a normal work day look like for you, if this is such a thing?

While I am a creature of habit in certain ways - a morning matcha, daily prayers and walks, time spent in nature and in my studio, I have never been one for routine!… I thrive best on spontaneous adventures and unexpected pleasures. I feel and express my gratitude each day for the flexibility and freedom my work affords me, along with the tremendous fulfilment it brings. Typically I wake, stretch and mediate. I make a beautiful breakfast and see where the morning takes me. I love to write, nestled into a sunny spot with a cup of tea, or if the light is just right, I will take to my desk with watercolours, inks and gouache. I like to take long walks, pick and arrange flowers, have picnic lunches, go on scenic drives, and take rest in the afternoon if I feel I need it. I do a little more work until evening then stop for a lovely dinner, after which I enjoy the tiniest little nip of French brandy, a square or two of dark chocolate, and an early night. Reading in bed is one luxury of a simple pleasure, as is writing or drawing in my journal or listening to some beautiful classical music as I drift off. 

Where has the Inspo come from for latest designs?

In my latest book, ‘At Home Within’, I draw inspiration from delicate nature references and simple motifs of love and kindness. Amongst various treasures in ink and watercolour you will find winged love hearts and smiling flowers, dancing butterflies and bluebirds of happiness. I drew inspiration for the words on self-care in this book from my own love of nurturing a rich and joyous inner life, and my wish for all of us to enjoy positive, supportive and delightful relationships with ourselves as we live and enjoy each day. 




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