Written By : @luke_mclean_coach

We caught up with our dear friend Luke McLean who shared his wisdom around 3 simple words. 

Love, Peace & Gratitude read like three words that you would find on the cover of a cheap journal or T-shirt; eye candy for the unconscious mind to see, getting a hit of happiness through a few random comments. Over the past six months, these words have been significant in my journey and growth. I did not pick them; I felt like they picked me; all three words don’t feel natural or comfortable to write or say. It is not that I do not believe in them; in men like myself, the gap between inner belief and outer expression is often vast.


I thought love was material and accumulation of experiences or even interpersonal. What I have come to realise is that love begins and end with me and my relationship with myself. Love is the most powerful energy on earth, and when we can harness and understand love, our lives will never be the same. To give and receive love in it’s simplest and purest forms I feel we must have peace & harmony.


Inner Peace;
Can we sit with how profound these two words are?
Inner Peace

The word Inner, in itself, comes with uncertainty and trepidation, to go within, into the depths of the self and to find peace is challenging and confronting for many people. Modern life is many things, but a vehicle and gateway to inner peace; it is not. It feels like inner peace is rare and sacred, almost undeserving or unrealistic; if by chance it does fill our being it feels awkward and dare I say it unproductive. This is not a judgement of others, this my personal experience of love and peace. With recent and more frequent visits and expressions of self-love and inner peace, I’m beginning to how connected and important they are. I know I have a long way to go, but I now understand these are not nice to have or retirement goals. I now see them as needs, areas of growth and focus as a way forward to live, lead, love and perform.


Gratitude is a simple one.
Gratitude is the most fitting response to life.
Tough moments and challenges teach us and grow us, for that I am grateful.
Pleasant and joyous moments make us smile and warm our hearts, and for that, I am grateful.
It really is the perfect response to any moment. A response I’m learning to bring to more moments.
Love, Peace & Gratitude ground and guide me; they have allowed me to take off my mask and to give me the courage and capability to sit in moments with openness and authenticity.


To read more of Luke's work visit lukemclean.net.