Thinking of doing Dry July but overwhelmed and no idea where to start? Ceres life has partnered with Monday Distillery to give you some tips and tricks.


Rituals are some of the most powerful things in our lives to evoke change. They’re a signal that something is about to happen. They could be small, like that morning stretch before launching yourself headfirst into work. They could be huge, like a ring on your finger followed by a kiss and ‘I do’ to set you up for a life of love and partnership.

Often a lack of rituals can leave us feeling flat. It’s one of the reasons people struggle most when trying to give up drinking. It’s not the actual drink itself they miss. It’s the unwinding sip as they relax after a big week. It’s the get together with friends to share some stories over a couple of cocktails. It’s the celebration toast to a kiss and ‘I do’. .

So, if you’re wanting to quit drinking, don’t ditch the ritual. Switch the ritual. Monday is an alcohol-free gin and tonic that looks, tastes and feels like your favourite tipple. You can still pour it, sip it, and enjoy the tingle of bubbles on your tongue. You get all the flavour of that ritual without the bite at the end.

Keep the change-making moments that bring joy, and still make a change for the better. #GoDry with Monday.

Visit mondaydistillery.com for delicious dry July alternatives.