Nailed Dry July? Or did all your good intentions go out the window? Either way adopting a few healthier habits, is something we can all benefit from. Ceres Life have partnered with Monday Distillery to help you on your way.


We all know that feeling of getting excited to get up in the morning. Rise with the sun, go for a run and set your body up for the day. Then, the moment comes and… we hit snooze. Healthy intentions aren’t always enough motivation to make things actually happen.
It’s more about setting yourself up for success and removing excuses.

Imagine if you could program your snooze button so that when you pushed it, your alarm went from an annoying buzzing to your favourite song that always gets you grooving. Or even better, instead of an alarm your best friend came in and whispered in your ear that ‘it’s a lovely day, let’s go running together’…

Going alcohol-free is a similar thing. The intentions are there but a sugary Coke feels a lot like that buzzing alarm and a soothing drink is your snooze. Instead, pick something that’s inspiring. Gets you grooving. Has the flavour and feel of your go-to sip, but is sugar free, alcohol free and forever tasteful. Better yet, pair up with a friend to keep you on track. Support each other and drink Monday together. Things are easier with a good partner. And life is better with a good drink to share with them.

Visit mondaydistillery.com To take the Monday Challenge and #godry. Together with intention.